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Dreames come true.... I believe
I am junior java developer in one not too large company
Several month ago I came to the laboratory as student on practice
All time before that I use NetBeans as main IDE in my work
But from first working day people adviced me use Eclipse because this IDE more flexible, extensible
I listened to their advice and begin to use Eclipse
First time I was happy that I can get different plugins for different areas
But one day I decide to try trial vetsion of IDEA
I had no idea what kind of power carries this development environment
Every day I fall in love with it more and more
But the 30-day trial version has expired
I'm a student in BSUIR in Belarus. And I belive that I can get Academic License...
But in out country no one university have ability for getting this license
And the price for junior developer and student enough high. Kind JetBrains,
do not leave me without a Christmas tale, even though I am no longer a little
but I want to write their programs in an easy, fast


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